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En mis Tacones(2010), Ethocineca Filmfest Vienna

Gracias Ethnocineca, Etnographyc and Documentary Filmfest in Vienna por invitar a el Documental En mis tacones(2010) a participar.


Directed by Fernando Reyes | Honduras 2010 | 30 min | Spanish with German subtitles En mis tacones (engl.: In my heels) is a documentary made by an independent group of honduran activist's member of the resistance movement supported only by the solidarity of the people who trust to the camera the stories after the June 28 of 2009 coup d'etat. In my heels reflects the life experiences of transgender people from different cities of Honduras, to tell about the police repression, transphobia, hate crimes and the lack of opportunities in a context of widespread violence. The documentary aims to be a tool designed to testify human rights situation specialy for the sexual diverse movement and community with special interest to create awareness and dialogue spaces to explore the contexts of sexual diverse, genre, human rights, HIV and poverty in a country part of the complexity of the machismo and military repression. The street life, sex work, organizational experience, the testimony of life are part of the story that can be seen within 30 minutes where we get into the shoes of another. Remounting to the date when In my heels was made, were counted at the beginning of the coup in june of 2009 to November of 2010 a total of 20 hate crimes committed, 2010 was the date the film was first shown. In 2013 LGTB organizations report an average of 80 hate crimes committed against the LGTB community. Some of them were journalists, artists, sex workers and members of organizations seducing the idea of a plan for social cleaning.


Fernando Reyes (1984)  is a dentist who has studies and work related to HIV, Radio production and design for social content publications. Currently working in Promotion of health and communications related to Health Seeking behavior for sexual violence medical care with Doctors Without Boarders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Creator of the documentary film In my heels(En mis tacones) in 2010 and the documentary short film Tegucigalpa y su Frenesi in 2011 who reflects the situation of violence against the transgender community in Honduras. Has collaborated with multiple organizations, magazines, universities and groups in different countries like Germany, Austria, Guatemala and Nicaragua discussing about gender, sexual diversity and the Honduras political situation.


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